Zlin football players will score third place at a distance. Perhaps it will be the first league

The procedure at the expense of Varnsdorf, which does not have and will not have a suitable stand for the first league in a year? This topic is currently taboo in the Fastav Zlín football. “We’re not on the move.In order to be able to talk about it, we have to finish third, “said Milan Plesar, CEO of the club. Despite the fact that his subordinates before the final Sunday round of the Žižkov quarter, they have a bronze position on their own thanks to better matches Kickers. “The third place is for us the limit of success and failure,” said coach Bohumil Páník. Together with Plesar they started to work in Zlín after the autumn and before they set two tasks: “Play until the end of the procedure and get under Himself Karvinou and Žižkov, who are the only players at the top of the competition to build a first league base, “said Páník.

The fact that Zlin does not reach the direct progressive place has decided in the previous round. The second goal can be fulfilled in Třinec.If he wins, he does not need to look at the outcome of Zizkov in Olomouc. “We will concentrate primarily on ourselves. But my assistants will watch Zizkov’s match, “Paník said, tactics can change during the duel.

Now it’s true:” All for winning! “” We want to win from the opening spring round because only three points could have us Move, “Paník reminded me that the team started in the seventh place in the spring.

I’m getting out of the way for a long time. Of the first nine socks he managed eight, Varnsdorf made six goals away, but only four of the other opponents beat Opava. “We are falling asleep, which is natural. There were cards, injuries, our rivals felt differently than when we were in the middle of the table.Suddenly we were one of the favorites and they wanted to show us, “Paník summed up the reasons for the worse results.

Třinec, who leads the former Zlin Marek Kalivoda double coach, is also planning to show off. “I wish Zlin to the first league, but we will give him nothing for free,” Kalivoda told Sunday’s match. He did not want to comment more on the clash against the former employer.

Most Zlín players have gone through his hands and those against him have a bad balance.His first duel on the Karviná bench won Kalivoda in Letná 1: 0, in the autumn with Třinec he made a no-draw tie.

“Třinec is an unpredictable team that has made a cup in the quarter-finals,” Paník pointed out, underestimating the thirteenth team of the competition, Zlin would not be cruel.