Wondering the NHL? He draws Chinese, trades with a dead soul …

The pay-as-you-go rules force managers into strange acts. Clubs have to gamble their players every year into the amount that changes each summer. For the new season, the border has shifted to $ 71.4 million. The bourgeois boss hoped to be taller. And so now they do not want to cross it.

Such Philadelphia Flyers and Arizona Coyotes have made a deal that seems to be contrary to common sense. However, they have benefited both sides without violating the rules in force. Chris Pronger, a renowned burglar and chiefly excellent beck, last joined the NHL on November 19, 2011. Since then his name has been on the list of wounded. His career ended his brain effects.

Meanwhile, he started working for the league. On Monday he was nominated for the Hall of Fame.But his contract lives until June 30, 2017, and the wage is counted in the team’s sum. Although Flyers temporarily got rid of her due to other loops (a list of long-term injuries), it still meant a massive weight.

So commentators and fans in Philadelphia called glory to manager Ron Hextall when last week he was able to replace “dead soul “Prongera, along with a generous but cheap Nicklas Grossmann in Phoenix for Sam Gagner’s attacker and a selection in the draft, saved the club’s handsome couple of millions and relaxed the space below the wage ceiling. Okay, but why did Coyotes come in for that? Are they so dull? Where. On the contrary. Even for them, the transaction is convenient.For the NHL participants, the minimum amount to be spent on players is also set. More modest Arizona has the opposite problem than Philadelphia and needs to spend to scramble for this salary floor ($ 52.8 million). Remarkable, right?

Flyers even considered that the newly acquired Gagner would just buy out of the contract. They would have to pay a part of the salary, but would open another space under the ceiling.

Stories of player contracts are varied. After all, NY Islanders ceased to send money to Alexei Jašina, who last fought for them in 2007. Then the pact withdrew him, but the Russian Center continued to be part of the gass ($ 2.2 to 4.7 million a year) P>

Islanders have once again taken an unusual experience at the weekend.They drafted the first Chinese in the history of the competition. Andong Song as a kid trained on Beijing’s high-speed track. Hockey had fun, so his parents moved to Canada, then to New Jersey. Now he’s going to the NCAA University League. It’s hardly ever to break into the NHL. But even this move is not senseless. Islanders co-owned by Charles Wang coming from Shanghai. And the first Chinese on the NHL draft, it’s a decent ad, right?