We have a good team, we do wandering in Prostějov and are looking forward to Champions League

This was the response of Agel’s efforts to keep as many support as possible from a successful cadre. Except for the exceptions, it succeeded. “It was a pretty complicated job, but with most basic rotation players, we’ve extended our contracts. Andrea Kossanyi, who preferred foreign engagements, left the biggest support, so we were counting on this departure, “said Petr Chytil, chairman of the board of VK Agel Prostějov.

The management of Prostejov gradually agreed with Tatsiana Markevičova, Sonja Borovinšekova, Kathleen Weiss, Julie Jásová, also remains Solange Soares, Barbora Gambová.The new contract was signed by one of the most successful players of the previous Champions League champion Liannes Simon, although she had chosen several offers after a great season.

“She wanted to stay alone. She’s really very happy here. He says the local team plays excellent volleyball, and is literally delighted with an excellent team, “he is pleased with coach Miroslav Chad. “We are naturally glad because Liannes is definitely the best universe in Prostějov,” he added.

The contract ended with the Energybet football bets online German blocker Stefanii Karga, and Serbian Ana Bogdanovic went on her own request. “We have the foundation together and we do not have to hurry with the addition. We’re looking for a second record, one smear and two blockers. I do not expect this to be a problem.For example, we are close to closing a contract with one volleyball player who has played for us, “Chada outlined. According to MF DNES, it’s about Quinto Steenbergen.

Domestic champions will go to Champions League again, even though it is an economically demanding competition. “She decided purely sporting. We managed to put together a really good team and managed to keep it for the next season.

In it, we expect our performance to grow even more thanks to greater rigidity. I think he will be reflected in the Champions League results, “Chytil wants. Energybet free online bets

The Czech representative will be placed in the third performance basket, according to Čady, but this is not a big advantage. “In the fourth it will be the third best club from Russia or Turkey.And that’s not going to be easy rivals. Let’s surprise you. Los would, however, have been able to show us a more friendly face after the last experience, “Chada hopes for a draw scheduled on July 3.

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