Troliga erased firing zero, his first goal did not bring the first goal

“We were happy to play the third period,” he said, adding that he had a good time to win the first season at the beginning of the season.

did not go. We were still trying to score, but we got the goals in the wrong moment, “thinks a thirty-three-year-old striker.

In the match with Pilsen he made his way shortly after half of the third period when he shoved from the corner and hit exactly. His goal reduced to 2: 4. But he did not bring hope for a reversal. “Certainly we could do something else, we had the chances of pushing the gates, but it did not work out,” he explains. He was seen several times just before the goalkeepers of his team.The coaches give him this too for his emphasis, which can be supported by almost two meters of height and weight. But the goal scored from a totally different situation. “I try to play this style. Going out of the corners and shooting, this time it’s out, “he commented.

The reasons why it did not work better with the result is quite clear. “When we finally scored a goal and tried to push our opponents, we immediately collected.Even such games are, we have to learn from it, the season is still long, “said an attacker whose engagement in Hradec Králové was the first time in the Czech extrali.

When he was just a few years ago, to try it in the Znojmo jersey, he had a serious car accident shortly before the season, after which he was not sure whether he would be able to return to hockey at all.

He returned and last summer he gained engagement in Hradec. Last season, he stayed between Mountfield and the first-ranked Havlíčkův Brod, with 23 matches in the base.He was missing only once in the first eight rounds, and now he could even try out what it is like to be in the team that leads the extraligu.

“It was a coincidence that we played first, but we did not succeed , “He said calmly.