Three tennis players from the first hundred play at the challenger in Liberec

“Our tournament is among the top five ATP Challengers in the Czech Republic,” said Jan Stočes, co-organizer of Svijany Open and LTK Liberec. “The first round will offer an interesting match between Nedovjesov, who defeated last week in Davis Cup of Australian Kyrgyzos, and German Kamk, who moved around fifteenth place in the world ranking last year,” he pointed out the attraction of Liberec tournament Stočes.

Representatives are adepts for the best result Adam Pavlasek, currently 154th player of the ATP ranking, Jan Šátral and Jan Mertl. The domestic Liberec tennis players got a wild card Roman Jebavý, the last winner of the doubles.In the main competition, which kicks off the first few matches today, but the sharp first round breaks out completely until tomorrow, the Swiss daviscup representative, Henri Laaksonen, also received a free card. “Compared with the ongoing tournaments in Segovia, Spain and Italian Cortina we definitely have the lowest cut in Liberec, which shows the quality of the starting field, “said Tomas Trsek, the head of LTK Liberec and the tournament director. “It’s great that we like to come back like tennis players like Darcis, Argentinec Zeballos and last year’s winner of Svijany Open Slovakian Andrej Martin.”

The main tribune of U Jezírka expanded one floor this year and the new VIP tribune at the central court grew.The organizers from LTK Liberec prepared an accompanying program in addition to the main tournament events. Before the final match of the men’s doubles, a debut show will be held with the participation of former daviscup representatives Ulihrach, Nováček, former world deblist and current captain of the women’s representation in the FED Cup Petr Pala and Jan Stočes. Before the finals of the singles, the best Liberec baby-tennis players belonging to the country’s top will be presented.

About 80 people participate in the Svijany Open. Ten will make up a team, almost 50 collectors and fifteen bar and five major judges will be the same as last year’s ATP supervisor Valery Lutkov.

The tournament starts with the opening matches of the main competition of singles and doubles today after 13 o’clock.Previously, the tennis fans are waiting for the final qualification, in which he will fight for the main competition and home Michal Schmid against Ramirez from Mexico, who yesterday surprisingly eliminated the first qualification Srba Zekice in three sets.

From the main singles competition will see Tennis fans U Jezírka after 15 hrs match of the Copenhagen daviscup representative with Chilan Saez and the fight of left-handed Czech Robin Stanek with Olivia from Argentina.

Domestic Roman Jebavý with his partner Jan Šátrál was put up as number four.

Admission to the day is 50 crowns, for the whole tournament 300.The program starts every day at 10.00.