The path is free. Sáblíková took the Summer Olympics in Rio!

This year’s preparation for the championship was all she could do.

Almost daily had a 30-kilometer training session in training, sometimes twice. She perfected the technique in bends, she improved the seduction, trained in an alpine environment, ride twice as many kilometers as last year. She also left the elite professionals, including Zdeněk Štybar. She asked for help from experienced sports director René Andrle.

Rio 2016.

Games once again at sea but this time not in the winter , as it was the last time in Sochi.

“I said before the race that she was well prepared.And Martina showed it all here, “said coach Petr Novák, who has been with Sáblíková for seventeen years. “I was not in the wind when I said you could get out of the Olympics.”

There was a lot of nervousness in Richmond. After she broke her goal, she had to wait for almost an hour to make her strongest opponents with her.

And then she knew it. She was the 12th row in the scorecard. But the Czech Republic was her ninth best country. Which was the key.

Since Richmond, the ten best-placed countries have qualified for Rio. And because two Americans, the Dutch and the Germans, ended up before Sáblíková, it was her twelve.instead of the desired “progress” on the game.

Russia Antošinová defeated it on the finish line just 58 cents! But Ukraine Solovyova and Canadian Canuel have not succumbed to the last kilometers of Sáblíková. It was then clear.

“I’m so happy. “She was very happy,” she said, fighting the tears of emotion. “The straight against the wind took me awful in the second round and I thought I would vomit on that bridge. But the hill in front of the goal was gorgeous, it was a complete break. “After Catherine Neumann and Catherine Nash will be the third Czech who will taste the atmosphere of both winter and summer games.While two of her predecessors have mastered the combination of a cross-country skiing – mountain bikes, Sáblíková specializes in speed skating – road cycling.

The world champion is at 40: 29,88 Linda Villumsen, in the services of New Zealand. It was a big game for a second.

The silver belongs to the striking duel on Van den Breggen’s 30km track of the Netherlands, which lost only 2.54 seconds.Bronze won the title defense, German Brennauer, with a mere 5.64 seconds away. Villumsen, the fourth woman in London and twice silver in the world championship, also arranged the historic gold for New Zealand from the adult category on the Road Cycling Championship.

Armstrong was a long- Legendary Kristin Armstrong, 42-year-old returning Olympic winner, previously occupied the longest seat for a runner-up runner.

The American started in the first group among the weaker racers and 40: 50.45 for a long unbeatable “bar”. After the triumph in the London 2012 Olympic season, Armstrong announced her career termination, but after a three-year pause she returned this year.Before the championship in Richmond, just like Martin Sáblíková, she just finished three races in the season, but she was doing great.

The German team Werrack, the winner of the team time trial, which lasted for almost a minute, Dijková, world champion of 2013, whose loss was 33 seconds. In contrast to Armstrong, van Dijková had 4192 racing kilometers this year.

Only four bikers from the strongest group later displaced Armstrong from the podium.

Sáblíková started the race as twelve since the end , only 11 women from the absolute world were waiting for the start.

She raced on the ramp, clenched her lips, and started off.Behind her, coach Petr Novák and chief adviser René Andrle, sports director of the AWT Greenway team, sat in the car, run by the coach Tomáš Konečný.

She could orient itself according to the times of Armstrong, and in the first half, seven kilometers, she lost only six seconds. In the middle of the track and in the third time it was sixth in its passage, its loss increased to 39 seconds but stayed close to other racers.

A shorter climb shortly before the finish was to be a passage where Sáblíková gains time – and it was. Here she outcropped Canadian White and American Small, with her mouth open to the target.It was just 2.5 seconds apart from the third German Worrack, 1:01 minutes from Armstrong.

So far, she was the fourth.

And a long wait has begun. Will it be enough for the Olympics?

It was enough!

In Valkenburg, 2012 lost 1:59 minutes to the winner, 1:25 in Ponferrada last year. This time is 1:21 minutes, which is not at all important. What interested her most was the ranking of the countries.And there, the CZE abbreviated the ten in the elite “Olympic”.

For the last 11 years, no Czech road biker was running at the Olympic Games, most recently in Athens 2004, Lada Kozlikova won the fifth place in time. > Now has a follower.