The elbow crowned the world champion in the motocross, the men still bumping

In the women’s series, she won the 4th title Italian Champion Kiara Fontanesi, the last part of this year’s series was played in elbow serpents. And very dramatic. After the first race it did not look pink for her. The Dutchman Nacy van de Ven won it, the defender of the title came third. Among them was the French Livia Lancelot, who stayed in the lead. Everything was decided in the second run, so it was before it started. In the betting round, the French technician betrayed it.While the race itself started with a spare machine, it was a crime against the rules and was disqualified.

The MXGP Loket weekend was completely dominated by French driver Romain Febvre. Thanks to the full number of points he has secured the lead in the overall order, now he has eighty-eight points on the other Gautier Pauline. Ital Antonio Cairoli (Red Bull KTM) in the Czech Republic did not compete for the injury, is now third and in the first position loses 91 points.As Cairoli chose the break of the season due to the injury of the elbow, the title will be in the last five rounds, apparently only the pair of leading Frenchmen.

In Lokta was the second best Russian Evgeny Bobryshev in both races. In the first one he lost to the French Febvre for less than ten seconds, the second time was five seconds slower. In the ongoing review of the series, he has 389 points, the fourth and his goal is to attack Cairoli’s third place.

In MX2, as in MXGP, they are compiling a continuous sequence of injuries.The bad luck was Jeffrey Herlings (Red Bull KTM Factory Racing), who last missed the injury race in Latvia to join the Czech GP and continued the fight for the title. But in qualifying he Energybet online bet fell in contact with a passing motorcycle and Herlings instead of racing on Sunday, he headed to Belgium as a specialist who would assess the condition of his dislocated hip.

The Dutch is still the leader of the series, but due to the nature of his injuries, the fight for title is now an absolutely open matter. Losses in the Loket were not avoided by Valentin Guillod. In the first race, he did not qualify for Monster Energy DRT Kawasaki, who lost less than two and a half seconds, but the second won with six seconds ahead and scored the third overall victory in the season.In the interim, the Swiss rank is 399 points, which is the same number as the second driver in the rank of Tim Gajser.

The Czech representative Barbora Laňková won in the Grand Prix one point for the twentieth place in the first race. In MX2, Martin Krč was twenty-seven in the first round, Jonas Nedvěd thirty. In the second, Martin Krč improved his maximum to twenty-third, as well as Jonas Nedved, who was twenty-six. In the European Championship, he finished the medal result for Peter Bartoš, and Energybet online bets finished third in the second race of the EMX300 class.He did not finish first, Dušand Drdek took sixth and eighth place.

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