The defeat was not in top form, but it was enough for six gold

What does the “average” fazon look like by Barbora Zawadova, a swimmer?

Eight starts, four gold medals plus one bronze amongst individuals and two primaries with Ostrava relay. He has several records overcome. Twenty-two-year-old female athlete had a harvest at the Pardubice Grand Prix weekend, but despite the fact that it dominated last time in Ostrava and before in Hradec Králové, she said: “I was surprised because I’m not in my best shape – quite the contrary. I’m here from the training and I knew that the others are preparing to meet the limits and will be in another phase of preparation in Pardubice.I was glad for the placement, but I did not show some amazing performances. “

Originally, it was reported even in eight individual disciplines. “Then I reassess it, because swimming in the final is a lot harder than going through the morning march. I stayed on three disciplines for two days, “she said.

Even so, it was a good match with the relay. “It’s strenuous, I thought I could not do it,” said Závadova. “Luckily, it turns out I’m in training now, so I think I’m going to be in the final block and the last start is usually the best.It is obvious that I have trained endurance, “she added. At the end of May, she is expecting races in Norway.

USK swimmer Jan Micka was slightly disappointed that he did not repeat the times of the recent Orca Cup in Bratislava With his battles with the Slovakian Richard Nagy, he was particularly enthusiastic about spectators at longer crawl distances. He has won 200, 400, 800 and 1,500 meters free.

“I am pleased to have won on my main tracks.Holt is not going to be getting better, so maybe in other races, “Mick said.

Martina Moravčíková from Bohemians Prague, who together with Mička became the overall winner of the prize, took control of Saturday’s two- Defeated Czech record player Petr Choce. “I’ve had a lot of good months of training, and the times attained suggest that it could look good even at the end of the season,” Moravcikova said.