The case of Konatho: These “fans” robbed Sparta, especially

He made a huge mistake in the summer he spent the fall. Spartih football player Tiémoko Konato knows very well that he can not afford a similar passage in the form of a transfer talk. He seems to have been well-educated, and he has played a great role during the preparation of the club in the club when he gave him the second chance. Even in the dressing room he has received support from the team leader, but he is still waiting for radical fans to find out whether he will ever be there. When the Premier League and West Ham star Dimitri Payet said in the winter He does not want to play for “hammers” and wants to leave the club, he has been transferred to a bull. When his transfer to Marseille was confirmed, the fans got rid of the jerseys, overwritten his name tags on his back and talked about the traitor. All this can be understood.Football is a passionate sport that wakes up emotions in people.

The behavior of the Spartan boiler to Tiémok Konatým in the general with Žilina, however, a healthy-minded person can not understand. Yes, you can whistle for ninety minutes on a soccer player, because you just do not have him in love and it can be a player from your favorite team, though it sounds pretty good. Remember, for example, in 2005, when Miroslav Matušovič discussed with Sparta fans after each match, who gave him a drink to the Ostrava history and defamation to the club.

However, every time you touch the ball racistly smoke black players and celebrate All his spoiled action? It borders on poorness. There are footballers who keep the pressure from the fans.An example may be David Limbersky, who is whistling in Sparta with Pilsen all Summer. However, the experienced beacon of the Zapadoche is resistant to it.

Not everyone is such a type. On Saturday, a few dozen “fans” were enough, and the uphill Konate was half a half on the pitch. Gone was his self-confidence from other matches when he was not afraid to bypass the opponents, prepare goals or shoot them himself. The racist reactions of his supporters waved with him. The highlight was when he slipped under the pickup and the home boiler laughed. The Spartan trainers would rather replace it.

The reaction of the fans has pulled his performance down deeply and suffered mainly by Sparta, who is benefiting from his work. It seemed that Konate would be one of the support of the Prague people.In preparation he was one of the most productive players. Now it seems that more than Sparta on the pitch will fight at a distance with the fans on the tribune, who can not hear, can not see and only herds.

The more disturbing behavior of the fans is when right behind Konatém on the left The edge of the defense was played by other players of the black skin of Costa, and he did not concern himself with the sound of the tribune. Hope for moral support for the Konatém gives at least the gesture of the main platform, which racist behavior overcame applause.