Štěpánek glowed in the French Open qualifiers: I’m going to make clay on clay

At the age of 37, 5 months and 23 days, Radek Štěpánek celebrates the advancement of the qualification to the main Roland Garros competition. He is fit and excels on clay that usually does not want older class.

In the 3 rd round, the Japanese youngster, Yoshita Nišiok, was seventeen years old and 6: 3, 6: 2 and became the oldest man in Melbourne Spider grandslam.

Happy thirteen. Kolecátá in his career Radek Štěpánek is one of the best tennis players in Paris this year. “I can be more creative, more time, and I’m happy to play,” said a relentless veteran who is favored by Andy Murray in Round 1.

Roland Garros 2016. How do you feel it?
“Totally cool! I have a great feeling about it.I play the whole clay season in great form and I’m glad to sell it and qualify for grandslam again. I did it in Australia, now here. I am again approaching the world of hundreds, which is unique in my age. But that’s what happens to me sometimes. The most important thing is that I’m fit and physically feel good for a long time. Nothing prevents me from enjoying tennis again, as I am used to. I’ve got a lot of it now, I’m just rebuilding and tuning between the tournaments.

Is not it a paradox at your age?
“I had good results on clay, even though it was not my strongest surface.Cucumber has such a charm for me now that I can be the most creative on it. Everything is more time and I like to do it with my shorts and everything possible.

As Jan Kodeš says – there is still something to be done on the clay.
“That’s right. But it does not come alone. Now I’m reaping the fruit for what I’ve been preparing for the season. “

Last time, he knew on Friday Nishioka, whom you clearly got out of the way. What was the game?
“He has survived two terribly difficult games and I know how to relax when he does. But I pushed him from the beginning, even though the qualifying conditions here were not ideal for me. Winter was raining, heavy balls did not fly.Yet I played actively and aggressively, I changed the rhythm and it was on its machine game. “

Last year, Paris had been a lot of discussion about heavy and lazy balls. This is the same year?
“Now the balls are dead too, but it may change when they get warm. At the moment they do not jump, they do not fly, the conditions are definitely not lively.

While you have a 17: 9 balance this year, in 10: 9 and you recently broke up with Daniel Nestor. Who will be your partner in Paris?
“My plan has been unambiguous since Rome, when Daniel ended our cooperation 48 hours before Roland Garros filing his entries.I talked to Zimonjic, who was the only one free of the better debtors. With Zimem we will play Paris, Queens and Wimbledon. Then we decide on how we will feel together. “