Spotakova made a taste in Prague, Holuš’s attack on the Czech record did not come out

Holuša wanted to beat the performance of 3: 34.87 minutes by Jan Kubista from 1983, and the initial breaks suggested that he could do it. Although the conditions were not ideal, as a strong opponent was blowing in the opposite direction.

But Holuša shuffled and almost dropped roughly in front of the goal. “Someone has kicked me from behind. I wanted to work on the last three hundred, but I stepped into the void and got my ankle sprawled a bit, “he told reporters.

The situation has been evaluated so that it is worthless to run on. “I ran out of the track because it did not make sense to continue. I was glad I was not lying on the ground, “he said.

Because of the wind, he was not able to escape the others and got into the chumle of his opponents. “Then they started pushing me there, so there were a lot of people,” Holuša said.He still had the strength. “I was not even breathing. The legs were stiffer, but I would be brave, “he shrugged. But the fight for the old record does not give up.

The two-time Olympic champion Spotakova has suffered a lot in Golden Eyes in Ostrava and the Diamond League in Eugene and suffered the worst season’s entry in the last ten years. Therefore, at the last minute, she rethought her decision to omit the Prague race on Julisce, which she could say today. The first attempt measured only about 55 meters, but in the second series the world record holder caught. Its performance 63.45 is still only thirteenth in this year’s world tables.

“I fell from the heart. You do not know how glad I decided to race here, “said Spotakova. “I’ve been trying to improve myself.When it goes this way, it might be good at the end of August, “she believed.

The bronze medalist from MS in Moscow Melich has struggled in the last races and narrowed the gap, but today required 76 meters Shifted by 21 cm. “It’s definitely a relief, I’ve missed three races for 75,” Melich said. “So I’m calm and I can concentrate on other races,” he added.