Sparta, this is not the fight for the League of Champions, says the Russian press

“Those who assume Sparta will be careful to defend the indecisive outcome from Moscow have been heavily re-calculated. The Czechs pushed in at the beginning of the CSKA, the Russians lost their balls and gaps appeared in the defense, “says Kommersant.

“After two goals, CSKA players found themselves under an ice shower and almost got a third goal.”

“After such a crushing Energybet best online betting start, a more pragmatic team than Sparta would try to avert any danger from his goal. But the Czechs just could not and did not want to play defensive football, for which they eventually paid.Even the first Russian goal was not to be avoided and to continue with worry-free attacks, “Kommersant said.

He defended the defender Fernandes who, after Matějovský’s foul,” showed an unbearable pain and forced the referee Energybet bets online to show a straight red card. ”

“Sparta was racing for the attack even in weakening, which was equivalent to suicide. Like Sparta, he does not fight in the Champions League, “the Russian list said.

Sovietski sport marked CSKA’s victory for the will. Coach Leonid Slucki said in a conversation with a newspaper reporter that Sparty’s “superstart” was not the result of a poor preparation of CSKA for the match but a manifestation of the quality of the team.But Sparta failed to keep pace. “The conclusion is clear: the team was better attacked and prevented worse. The fact that everything has decided one goal is a fact, “said the coach.

The letter in Slucký’s commentary reads that even though Sparta was not a surprise, the CSKA team could not adapt for a long time. The aggressive and coercive game of the Czechs was played with the same game style, which is enough to dominate the Russian top competition.The team with clearly noticeable velocity and force characteristics (as Sparta), but not in the Russian league, “said Sovietsky Sport. “It took a painful and almost delayed efforts to rivals show who is who,” summarized list your comment.

Alan Dzagojev, who in the middle of the Spartans ‘executed’ third goal, called the Prague team under heavy opponent. “She showed the best face in the games with us. Since 2010, when we played with it in the European League, it is much stronger. The process was not easy, “said server.

Former CSKA coach Valery successful Gazzajev contrary, believes that the quality of the players of the Moscow team in comparison with Sparta much higher.The victory and the process were legitimate and convincing. “Sparta was not the strongest starting team. In the next matches, of course, a completely different game must be shown, because the opponents will be much stronger, “Gazzaev said.

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