Satoranski did not rise, Washington shifted to captain Wall

Washington basketball players managed the end of Tuesday’s home match against Chicago and won 101: 99. In Verizon Center, the Wizards have confirmed the good form of the last few weeks, and for the first time in the season they have more wins than defeats (19-18). They have moved to the seventh position of the Eastern Conference Table.

Even the fight against the weakened Bulls did not hit the only Czech in the Tomáš Satoransky competition. This time, however, he could not dress Washington’s jersey as he recovered from the disease. For that reason, he is not likely to enter the next match in Boston.

In Chicago’s rotation, Butler, Wade, or Mirotič, the Rajon Rondo returned as a substitute player for five consecutive absences.The Bulls also scored an eighteen-point lead, but at the turn of the third and fourth quarters the home team was on their opponents.

The winner decided to finish the home game. The very first winning career shot was six seconds ahead of John Wall’s siren. The capital captain from the capital scored a total of 26 points, added 14 assists and contributed greatly to the tenth home win in a row.

John Wall did that