Satan shot, Mikus pass, Nagy played with relish. Sketch, the first attack

BRATISLAVA. Played active, trying to combine challenged opponent again was at all important.

The goal number 82 meant a lot. Equaled Jozefa Golonku. Symbolically the Russian hockey player who shot the legendary “Razor” Goals prefer.

“It’s the same number, but at different times. It certainly expresses a relationship that, Mr Golonka k representation and how time spent in it. I’m glad I did it, I am also in the national team spent a lot of time. If you can cope players like Jozef Golonka, it’s a big thing, “said Satan.Most against the Swedes and the Czechs 2002 2012

Quadruple medalist from the World Championships to reminisce and to the goals that he most stuck in my mind. The first came in 1993 still in the preparatory match against the French.

“Most appreciate against the Swedes, whom I score at 2: 2 in the semifinals of the world championship, when we get the gold. And also the one against the Czechs in the semifinals two years ago, when we finally got the silver. “

The victory over the Russians, who do not fully šampionátovej force, looking forward. Still they had to line up a number of quality players, led by Olympians from Sochi.Slovak team beat them by four years and eight lost in a row.

“It’s not an everyday occurrence. Surely this is something that gives you confidence. We have a young team which can in such difficult matches to test strength. It is a step forward. We can be satisfied, “said Slovak captain.

“Such a win counts. I experienced the preparation two years ago when we all lost and it was not good. It is better if uhráte at least a few good results before the tournament, “said center Juraj Mikúš.

Slovaks finally enforced in the power play. “We tried several variants.It’s encouraging that we scored well in many benefits, “said Satan. Im not based inputs into thirds

Experienced winger admitted that it was all just perfect. We were not based inputs into thirds when given in the second period goal and the penalty shot in the third opponent to score even after 22 seconds.

“I still feel a longer break we have had from hockey. There were inaccuracies and their also on our side. Mistakes will happen, but we are happy that we won. “

Coach Vladimír Vůjtek praised the game for the first attack. “They played well. This expected of them.They are experienced players and we count them as leaders of the assembly, “said Czech coach.

“It was played us well. It was important that we quickly winning two zero, but on the other hand, we made mistakes in defense. There we have to improve, because our rivals are pushed rapidly, “said left-winger Ladislav Nagy first touchline.

Košičan played with great taste. Preparing chances defensively and also scored a nice goal after an individual action in the power play.