Playing off the ice hockey Champions League starts, with five Czech clubs in action

It is a very strong Swedish team.

It is a very strong Swedish team. We got some information and matches and now we are ready to do our best to make it, “said coach Jiří Kalous, who probably looks after an experienced attacker Adamský, who has been working with Zlín on a Friday’s duel. Besides the game, Galvas and Nosko are still going to stay.

The Swedish soccer team is also looking forward to Liberec. “The Nordic teams in the competition are all very strong. In preparation, Linköping defeated Skellefte 6: 0, which is a match that we coincided with the video.However, we also played Skelleftea with a good match, and I believe we can go through Linköping, “said coach Filip Pešán. His team is currently holding a three-time successful series in the Extraly, which makes it only a second score in the table behind Sparta. Sparta is the only one to play off in a re-run competition last year, when it failed in the eighth round just at Linköping . Zurich is still the leading quartet in the Swiss Supreme.

“We are facing a very difficult rival and a duel in which we are definitely not the favorite, even in the slightest. But Energybet free bet online we certainly do not give up – we can and we want to move. It will also matter how many arrive on Tuesday’s fans. If there is a poor visit, then we lose the home advantage, which will be very important in this game.We know well that the atmosphere will be turbulent in Zurich, “said sports manager Patrik Martinec.

The Vítkovice raid in the new extra-league season prevented the defeat with Sparta and Chomutov. Still, the Ostrava team against the top Finnish rival wants to fight for the move and the ministeria to win home at home.

“But we know that one of the finest Finnish teams is waiting for us. We are waiting for classic Finnish hockey, skateboarding, but also power, with good technique.They have a lot of excellent players but it is a challenge for us and we want to go further, “warned coach Jakub Petr, who together with colleague Ladislav Svozil will miss Káňa, Strapáč, Klok and Húževka.

and the leading EBEL team does not want to underestimate the leagues, although there were even harder variants in the lot. “We did not have any Swedish team, which is the strongest in my view in the Champions League. It would be an attractive confrontation, but I am especially glad that we did not get a Czech rival, especially at the beginning of the extralig would not quite fit, “said coach Radim Rulík.

Vítkovice play from Energybet sport betting 17:00, Liberec and Třinec is waiting for the opening bull at 17:30.Sparta will start an hour after them and at 19:15 the playoff of the Litvínov national title will start.

Revenues are on schedule October 6.

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