New Indurain? As Dumoulin changed Vuelta and Rodríguez apologized

“Tom, how many minutes could you get to Rodriguez and Arua in time?”

“I will not tell you that.” How many would you want them to go?

“Ten! Then I would feel comfortable in the rest of Vuelta. But, unfortunately, it is not in my power. “

Tom Dumoulin, Giant Alpecin, cyclist, is talking to reporters at a burgos hotel on Tuesday. Relaxed, smiling, funny. A new cycling star.

“My girlfriend will be coming to Madrid for me, even if I finish here. Because of one Vuelta he will not stop loving me. So why would I be nervous? “Says the 24-year-old Dutchman.

Time in Burgos is to change the face of Vuelta on Wednesday.And he has to be the main protagonist of these changes.

On Wednesday morning, her track goes for two more days in two days, along with sports director Addy Engels. “Write down all the details of the track that you could tell me during the race and which we could use,” Engels asks.

Meanwhile, Dumoulin has only good news for his bosses. p> Body condition? “Unexpectedly good. The feet of the foot. “

The state of mind? “He does not think about minutes and seconds. He wants only. Win! “

Joaquim Rodríguez, the Katyusha team leader and after the Asturian mountain purge of the entire race, has begun to work on the simulator. He has large earphones in his ears and is enclosed in his own microcosm.On Twitter, a photo of Virgin Mary Meritxello’s statuette is attached.

Protects his red jersey?

Fabia Arua, the second man in terms of order, protects the Astany bus from a curious, but high wall.

Energybet football bets online But there’s a big black flag on the Giant bus with a white sign: TOM. The Fan Club has arrived from the Netherlands.

So Dumoulin is focused on the start. So determined.

And then, as the first of the title candidates, he goes on a track that’s like a time wander. It begins at the Human Evolution Museum, where they exhibit australopite and neanderthal dummies. It runs past the St. Peter’s Monastery of the 9th century, where El Cid, a warrior against the Moors, hid his wife. And it culminates on the city’s pavement in front of the 13th cathedral.

“It’s not that simple and straight track as it looked on the paper,” says the biggest favorite.

Behind the red jersey. Dumoulin on the track of the time trial

Before the start, Dumoulin lost 1:51 minutes to Rodríguez and 1:50 to Arua. But in two-thirds of his 39-kilometer journey, he has a good time of 1:44 for Arua and even 2:38 for Rodríguez.

It’s like a turbo-diesel engine, it’s firmly on the bike, while Rodriguez is driving the time as well as walking up the hill, and constantly in the saddle.

Aru fights, his knees spilled.But Crown Prince Gira will not come in time.

Dumoulin is under the cathedral by the new Vuelta leader, three seconds ahead of Aru and 1:15 minutes before Rodriguez. “This is how Dutch footballers should play,” congratulates Geraint Thomas from Sky.

Eusebio Unzue, Energybet free bets online the head of the Movistar stable, concludes: “Tom reminds me of Miguel Indurain.

He was also a great timekeeper who defended his position in the mountains. “

Now the Dutch must confirm his words in the” Sierra “or the mountains north of Madrid. “Three seconds are nothing,” Dumoulin knows. “It will be a hell of a battle. The spectators are looking forward to an amazing spectacle. It will probably hurt me. Because Aru will do anything to get the red jersey. “

Which does not even have to be reminded.But Italian also assures: “Vuelta is not yet decided. The difference is small. I’ll go for the title. “

And Rodriguez? He first apologizes to his fans: “Excuse me. I tried. “Then he tries to believe in a miracle:” It does not stop today. “

The four stages remain in Madrid. Three of them will determine the final ranking.

A 204-mile (204-mile) milestone into Riaza takes the peloton into windy plains and bumpy terrain on the wrong roads, culminating in the first-class premium category just 13 kilometers before the finish. Friday’s 185 kilometers to Avila will offer a 2nd category premium of 30 kilometers ahead of the target and an explosive finale climbing along the monumental medieval walls.Also here Aru’s statement will apply: “Every second is now counting.”

Then comes the Saturday “candy”. Four first-class premiums for 178 kilometers. “We can still knock Dumont out of the throne, terrain will be suitable,” says Rodríguez. But if the Dutch will take off on the last of these hills, it will have seventeen predominantly downhill miles to the target Cercedilly for loss-making.

“Vuelta and her background leave Burgos with its famous cathedral.” >

“I do not know the only one of the hills still waiting for us at Vuelta,” says the race leader Wednesday night in Burgos. “Today we will celebrate the triumph of victory in time. Then, with the sports directors, I’ll learn everything. And then…It’ll be stressful.But not only for me. “

Cyclist fans are looking forward.

” Días emocionantes hasta Madrid! “Wrote Spanish journalists. .

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