Naples feels injustice due to penalties. The bullshit was defeated by Juventus defender

A big misery was felt after the Italian semi-final semi-finals with Juventus footballers from Naples. The Turin team, in their Tuesday match in Turin, has helped turn 3: 1 with three controversial penalty decisions. Two penalties kicked off by Paolo Valeri for the home side, while the guests said he was denied a clear penalty. Napoli took the lead in 36 minutes after Callejón, Juventus, but after the break, Dybala turned two penalties Higuain scored between them. The first penalty kick was ordered by Judge Koulibaly in 47 minutes after Dybalu. The second penalty came in 69.A minute later, when goalkeeper Reina hit Cuadradda, but probably the ball.

Valeri just a few seconds before refused to punish a penalty for the guests after foul on Albiola. Naples felt a wrong after the game, and even interrupted the week-long boycott of the media. “We have not finished the silence, but we have come to congratulate the team that played great,” Reuters quoted Sporting Director Cristian Giuntoli as saying. “We lost because of decisions that were not only debatable but shameful and damaging Italian football , “Said the official. “The first penalty was not to be played, and the second was not at all, because Reina hit the ball and a penalty kick was to be ordered for us.The referee gave a shameful performance, “he added.

Prohru also carried the Naples players hard.” The turn was only due to the referee. What should I do before Cuadrad? Dissapear? I hit the ball and that’s not a penalty, “Reina said,” and nobody talks about the Albiola. That was more penalty than you have against us…Today the result was judged by the referee and it was seen by Italy as a whole. “Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellini, on the contrary, did not consider one of the penalty verdicts as controversial. That pub bull, “he said.” After the Sunday victory of AS Rome over the Intero, everyone was talking about the referee. No one has ruled that AS played great. Today it is the same, but we are used to it, “he added.

The revenge in Naples is played in a month.The first match of the second semifinal, in which Lazio with the AS is in the derby in Rome, is on the agenda today.