Many, mostly novice players, burned on a number of matches

Many, mostly novice players, burned on a number of matches, begin to think that the rates on small factors are more profitable because more often win. But is it really?
If we consider the process of formation of the bookmaker line, the coefficients are almost always laid margin. This is the profit potential of the office. But it is unevenly distributed. It is there where most of the players and the ship is given the highest value margin. Not difficult to guess that basically put on favorites or on more predictable outcomes, where small factors, and there is the main stream of money. Accordingly, it is there and try to office as the quotes that would maximize their profits much as possible to understate. Thus, we find that the probability of occurrence and the coefficient in the line are very different. Despite the fact that the outcome seems Globe, this game has absolutely no valuynosti, ie values. On the course, rates on small factors still lead to negative.

More clearly you can see it as an example, considered the percentage. If you take any outcome with equal chances, the total is the same. So when the probability of 50 to 50 bookmakers will be given 1.9 to 1.9 and some very generous even 1.95 can deliver. Yes, it turns out still undervalued factor, but by only 5%.

In the case of small values when the right to be 1.1 and 1.08 line put this understatement is already 25%. To overcome such a margin is practically impossible.

Of course, if you bet on small factors, they will often win, but even one loss in the end will take all previously won money and even more, bringing to naught all the efforts of the player. For large values of the course to the fore the competent and qualitative analysis of the match and the search valuynoy rates. The process itself is complicated and few people on the forces, but the only way to consistently win something on sports betting.

Players who enjoy the forecasts privateers, including our service from time to time fall into a situation that starts to lower the coefficient of the bookmaker and put on can not be claimed. So now we analyze in detail how to play football betting we expect that to maximize your profit potential.

The important point is the wide coverage of the bookmakers. Thus it will be possible choice and find the highest ratio. Because if a player will generally always put at low multiples, then all may yet leave in minus, while the marque will have a positive balance.

Now for example, there is a good option to play betting the bookmaker 1xBet. The fact that they are now just a fine line and coefficients often exceed Marathon and other bookmakers, on which we lay bets. So playing in this BC can do even better results and get more profit than we have in the statistics. And that is much important, this office is not very fast at all the changes in the line brings. And it gives the possibility of even a considerable time after the release of our predictions for football there can still be put down very profitable.