Kubíček did not defend triumph at Xterra Island. It was overtaken by Truhlář

At least some of the preparation for another race is getting better Jan Kubíček. Although he was reluctant to take the role of a favorite before the race, he was the number one candidate for the Czech title. But the finish was slower than a minute slower than the Truhler.

Both track and race survived and passed almost together. They ran out of the island pond in the second ten. “You have to work on swimming, it’s not my favorite part of the track,” says Kubicek.

There was no need to panic. After a thousand two hundred yards, Xter still has plenty of time to move forward. The heavy passages on the bike so many racers did not move, only slightly. Until the jump from the saddle came the stage that Kubíček sat. Within ten kilometers, he went forward. “Running is the closest to me.But in the season, he has to work on all the disciplines. “

A moderate lead was maintained by Truhlář and Kubíček did not let go. At 2:16:12 the target tape was first cut.

Kubíček lasted 46 seconds. After another two minutes behind them Václav Holub finished third. The triathlonists were stacked on the podiums, waiting for the positions.

Jan Kubicek lost his Czech title in the home. But in the week, he warned that the defense would not be easy. “The field triathlon is unpredictable. Performance and results can be affected by several factors. From form, feeling on race day, track to weather, “knows an experienced racer.

Energybet online free bets Helena Erben was reigning among women. She was missing in the Yellow Baths, and for the first time in a domestic series she had just jumped on the Island.Before Lenka Cibulková, she reached the square by more than four minutes before confirming her dominance in the women’s field triathlon. It’s also a great form. A week ago she took the first place in the World Cup in Spanish Plasencia. She did not have to go through such long stretches, but the hot weather could remind her of a week old race.

“In Spain conditions were very difficult. There was a huge heat, maybe about forty degrees, and the water was very cold. Nothing pleasant, “she said after World Triumph.

The weather in Ostrov Xterra usually wishes. It Energybet online sports betting was the same on Saturday.Jan Kubíček did not win in front of his fancied fans, but after good performance he is preparing for another races. “The core points of the season are the European Championships in Germany and the World Championships in Sardinia. The season is long, so I have to divide the forces and races and I will not race in the Czech Republic, “she says with a smile.

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