Koukal is sitting in the world championship, perhaps it will last, coach Vitek believes

DIRECT FROM AUSTRALIA The nomination for the Wednesday endurance race was clear. “Luce has been doing relatively well in the shooting, running here as well as Verča, Evik and Gabi has nothing to do,” said coach Zdeněk Vítek. And while Laura Dahlmeier, Kaisa Mäkäräienen or Marie Dorinová Habert will be in the final group, Gabriela Koukalová starts with number 51 before them.

Why did you put Gabriel Koukal in the third group? >
“We think the snow should not change during the whole race, and in the end the wind is calming down. But if it was later, it would have been too long. “

How did you feel before training?
” In the finals light.The racers have enough. But she said she did not really like it…

“She can not always give up Feelings. As for the shooting, she did not just give a single lunge. That’s fine, everybody can make mistakes.

Do you agree with Kaisou Mäkäräinen that this route could be more technically challenging and could have more cross- strong>
“It’s true that the two of those who came here are not a big hill. But when a man’s got it…it was also visible in the fighter, as Gabin roared after the first item in a pile of seconds. It depends on how it sits, but in general it seems to be sitting here.It’s going to go on. “But what do you say about Koukal’s 17th season in the first endurance season, and in Anterselve even forty-one?
” So The first race was much influenced by the wind. Östersund was blowing when it was on the edge of righteousness, and it was quite windy in Anterselv too. “

Do you believe that Veronika Vitkova will be catching the racing?
“We will see this on Wednesday, but it will not add to any racer when it’s standing at the World Cup. We start from what it is. She did not move on, she had a faster training session on Monday, such a control race. “

How serious are you still in the option of Margaret David’s arrival? “I would not prejudge it before the endurance race.Everything is in the game when there is a lot of trouble, so you can pull a handbrake. I’ll say it simply: I hope it will not be needed. “

Do you think so?
” “

” I have it in my head, but I will not say. (Fisherman: Maybe it will be a surprise for viewers).And for the reader too. “


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