Jánošík, Slovak talent with a distinctive name, who convinced Vojtek

And if that’s not the case, at least prevent the gentry on poor people. Adam Jánošík is a defender. And the talented, trainers during the past season have caught so much that they have decided to nominate him for a championship in Ostrava. This is a young 22-year-old pheasant.

“He was the best defender of the Košice champions and we liked the championship in all the championship matches, so we took Energybet sport bet him. “It’s a paradox that Jánošík lost the interest of Liberec last summer, who had already looked at the boy since his pupil age. In spite of his youth, Adam spent eight years abroad, as Tampa drafted him in 2010.And so followed the retirement junior in Quebec, z Kanady was blown away.

But on a contract with the Florida club was not enough and Janosik returned back under the tower. There, however, he played only forty games in two seasons, and the club lost interest in him in the summer. Jánošík therefore traveled home to Slovakia. Threatening to ice hockey atrophies, this scenario is, however, not take place.

Janosik is growing and vice versa in Ostrava started even in the first defense pair with a stellar Andrej Meszaros. “I’m enjoying it and I do not want to disappoint it,” he says, and it must be said that he does not act on the ice. He considers himself an offensive beacon. “I’m trying to push the puck forward and help the attackers as soon as possible.”

The defenders with such qualities are valued in today’s hockey.However, Meszaros also commends him. “He is a really good skater and he plays perfectly in position. Not with him, no problem, “he says.

Coach Vůjtek had resolved from the start that Jánošíka stand right next to him. “That’s what it should be: the experienced should lead the younger one. It is better for that guy to play with stronger players. But we do not take it again because we play on those seven counterattacks created a good and during the game revolves, “he says.

It can be seen that in Janosik Slovak representation of betting. At a time when talents Energybet sports bet are scattered, it could be her future.He himself smiles delightedly in such a way: “I only have to keep performing the best and persuade the coaches that the future is really in me.”

As it is, the upcoming World Cup matches will show. “I want to help success. The goal is quarterfinals and then we can surprise, “Jánošík says.

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