In Super G I wanted to collect points like Super Mario, lady laughed

DIRECTLY FROM SWITZERLAND It is her first skiing world championship. That’s why Ester Ledecká in Svatý Mořice mainly gathers experience. The Friday Combination, which was her first in such a great action, finished 20th, Tuesday’s Super G was Twenty-Twenty. There, she realized one crucial thing, when she once pulled the gate so that she had pulled her out of the ground, which made her move. “The problem is that I kick my elbows and when I’m away from the goal I try to touch her to collect some point, which is a terrible habit for a professional skier,” she joked for the Super Mario computer game where the legendary character must Touch as many gates as possible to collect as many points as possible.

You took your first combination to such a big action.What was it?
“I liked it very much, I enjoyed both rides, but I did not have much chance to race or train slalom. This year I have one slalom race, this was the second one but I enjoyed it, I did the best I could. “

Did you not think of the downhill skiing?
< strong> “I’m on my way, I’m about to do this, I’m trying to move it, to find something with every breakdown and move another ride. I think I’m thriving, and I hope that we’re going to break this down today, we’ll fix something on Saturday and Sunday too. (On Sundays women go downhill – note red)

In Super G you were aggressive. Are you trying to tame now?
“I have heard several times on a tour: Now go to the gate, but not to throw it with the root.The problem is that I kick my elbows and when I’m away from the goal I try to touch her to collect some point, which is a terrible habit of a professional skier. But I’m trying to eliminate it, it’s time to snap it up and start riding like a normal person. (Laughs)

Do you mean collecting points as in a computer game?
“Yes, like Mario, collecting points behind the gate’s touch. I did not play as a small one, so I can compensate for it. When I’m away I’m always touching something. “

Are you satisfied with the placement?
” Yes, I always want to 30. > It’s not a small target?
“It’s not, I have it so that last year I have just begun to ride a serious saver, I have to go slowly.I’m trying fast, this is the meta I have, and I do not want to say I’m going to be a dozen, though it might be a miracle. But I will try to do it, this is my ride. “

Every season will the targets increase?
” I hope so. I’m sure. I will try to train it so that the results are better. I already wanted to go with one combination but canceled it in Altermarkt. I went then two in Sölden, that was Fiss. This is my first combination on such a big race. I like it, I enjoy it, we’ll see how it’s going to be time. “

How many times have you been standing on slaloms this year?
” I would probably count it on my fingers One hand.(Laughs)

Is the combination race worse when you’re used to taking a short ride and this one is dragged all day?
“It’s a bit different , One has to get used to it because it’s all day. Still there are some changes, the weather is still in the slopes, it moves in particular, it moves, it moves, the person stays somewhere, it rehearses a hundred times a day, then they move it again. So it’s important to get used to it and you have to be on guard. “

At least you do not have 180 stairs up like guys…
” That’s true. Yesterday, I heard that coaches went twice or three times with two pairs of skis, and today they were not able to go down the stairs for breakfast. A terrible physical burden.So the guys gave yesterday fitness training instead of the downhill, it was funny. I did not really care for them, but on the other hand I would have tried to try it terribly, there are very nice jumps there and I like the start, it must be dense. But I do not know, I might be afraid, but I would like to try it. “

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