He was surprised by the set. We inconceivably got up, said Kliment

He did not expect to join the basic set. But the surprise for the footballer Jan Klimt was not that the Czech team played in the first half of the game and led 1: 0.

“But after the break, we inconceivably got caught up,” the Jihlava attacker fired after defeat 1: 2.

For Klimenta it was the first official match in the twenty-one, so far jumped into two preparatory duels on Recent concentration in Austria against Ukraine. There he was told about the nomination for the Euro. “

” It was known that Venca Kadlec was not allowed to play the first game because of my punishment, so I thought I could have a chance to play against Denmark as well. It finally came out from the beginning.It was a surprise for me and for the audience, too, “Kliment said.

Just a few minutes later, he broke through the middle of the field and fired violently, the goalkeeper was worried about his shot. Then he shot again after a quick break.

“I caught the first action. The game is better when the first moments come out. It fell out of me and I was doing well. “

It was not only the fact that he was in the set but also his performance. He was particularly angry with his movement, emphasis, frequent shooting.

“In the first half we all played super. Collectively, we pushed them, “he described the half-time,”

In a break in the cabin, the young Czechs said they would continue to perform from the first half, but it turned out differently.

” In the second half we have incomprehensibly come up . I do not mean we did not want to play…Even though we thought we were going to challenge them, playing in the front, so I was cut off. I think I should have downloaded the balls more, “Kliment thought.

” We promised to play the same way, we would be stunned. No one knows why it was different. Probably the subconscious. You know and if you do not want it, that will be the case.And the Danes have also improved, “he said. “In the meantime, when we played, we coached and tacticied, the game worked and we played it.”

Still in the 1: 0 condition, the Czechs had some promising options, the shot and the Frydek The Danish goalie knocked off, Klimenta’s wound at the start of the second half just scared him, she was just next door. “It did not fit me, the bullet had no hope. But the second goal would break them. If we gave it, we would have won. “