Give me the check, joked the defeated Italian. The winner wished Serena W.

While Serena W. was not decorated on Saturday at Arthur Ashe Court as the winner of all four major tournaments in one year, he will be remembered for the final duel and especially for the trophy transfer.

full of colorful exchanges, it was not a stunning battle, but despite the absence of famous names the fans were entertained.

The biggest show, however, came after the game.

Both of their opponents hugged the net for a long time and warmly and then chatted together on the bench with a smile. In fact, you would not even know which experienced Italek has just won.

“It’s magical that I can play against one of my best friends. Neither one expected us to be here in the final.It’s great for our country, for everyone, “said Pennetta.

” I think it’s an incredible moment for all of Italy. When I come home, I realize what we’ve done, because now it’s normal, “Vinci said.

The applause of the crowded tribunes belonged to both.

< Vinci laughed the audience when she wanted to "steal" the $ 3.3 million check that Pennetta won for winning the US Open. But, of course, it was just a prank. Italians were growing up in southern Italy, the first mast against each other at the age of nine, before the puberty they moved to Rome together.Between 2006 and 2013, they won four times in the Fed Cup. “She’s like my sister,” Pennetta said. “She played brilliantly,” she congratulated a losing friend.

Pennetta was 33 years old and became the oldest winner of the grandslam, surpassing the record in the longest wait. For the US Open trophy, she needed 49 to take part in the big four tournaments. “I met a child’s dream,” she admitted.

At the end of the conversation on the court, the Italian tennis player surprised. “It’s the best way to say good-bye to tennis.”

Just a month ago, she decided she would not go on next season. She plans a family life with a friend of Fabio Fogni. Now he leaves as a champion.

Ten dozen tennis players responded immediately to the announcement of the end of their career.Twitter also spoke to Serena Williams, who was shocked by Vinci in the semi-final. “I wish you win, you deserve it. Good luck to the next life chapter, I will miss your smile, “she wrote.” I want to read all the congratulations, “laughed Pennetta at a brief press conference. Then she went to dinner with the team. “We probably drink a lot of wine and then I’m finally going to sleep.”