Gabi did not care about us, says Dostal, also the world champion of Hochfilzen

It’s a return to crime scene. Where he took the second individual gold from the World Championship in history twelve years ago. “No nostalgia has overtaken me; I just took a picture with Greiss after twelve years,” laughed Roman Dostal. Today, for CT, he will comment on his winning discipline – endurance race…and also tries to keep his mountain chat at a distance.

So where do you have your medals stored?
“Right now at the cottage. To see them. They have it at the entrance for the guests right on the wound. I have those commemorative things there. “

What features do you have at the cottage?
” From a to z. We do it as a family With a wife and there is still a girl.Our parents help us, it’s a family business. I’m such a manager, manager, everything. This year I also used tractor power, but the job is there. When it fell, I spent six hours out. Sometimes it’s even more than a fourteen-hour working day. “

What did you then say with Gabriella Koukal when she won you in Hochfilzen as you gold?
Saw the next day of training. I congratulated her. I wrote it, but she has so much that I tell her not to notice it. That all I need to know is that she will come to her and she will say once in a while. The congratulation was just the next day. But there was no joke, nor did I know of it. It shows how he concentrates on the entire championship.And as a former athlete, I would rather talk to her about something other than sports because the athlete needs it. “

What is your comment about? Hobby? Reaching?
“More like a hobby that gives a job, because when I’m not in the cottage, I’m nervous about how to do it. When I’m here, I’m nervous at home. And so, you slam the door and suddenly this is not the case. “

Is it a different lifestyle now than a sports life?
” It’s a different life, but I wanted to try something different. I’m from the biathlon, not that I run away, but I wanted to relax. It was a lot, and because of my family I felt I should be home for a while.I’m at home and basically still at the cottage, but we’re at least near. “

Do you still shoot somewhere?
” When I was traveling with juniors. We have been reconstructed for two years, so I had a little more time and helped to help Viktor Vlastík and occasionally shot. “

Did you have any offers for training?
Ondra Rybářů told me, but I found out that I do not have time and I want to be at home. I do not say I would not want to go back to Jablonec, but not yet. “

When you look at Hochfilzen you can see that it is different than when you won 12 years ago Gold?

What do you get the most out of the race now?
” Even when we were leaving then I knew I was in good shape And I managed to tim it out superbly. We were similar to our team this year. We stayed in Anterselv and then in Obertilliach – over 14 days in height. I felt good at the end and I knew I was well on the run. The whole career was just a question of how it would hit the shooting range and it happened on that day. Even mentally, I was cool here, just that day was demanding.I was deferred to blood doping where ten people went and pulled me out early in the morning. So I was deprived of the time to test because that day was the ‘perfect’ condition. “

Even the service of the racers has changed diametrically at that time, is that?

“Yes, it was not like that now that there are plenty of servicemen here, we had to test our skis for ourselves. So I was basically not even the time for it. Something I tested and then subjected to a subjective impression and belief in a couple I believed in this weather. It was the right choice, that was basically all about that day. And after the race, there was another doping, another delay, and at nine I got to celebrate. It was from morning till night, and then I was pretty tired.But it was worth it. “

How can you think about the Thursday race of men?
” Favor is a lot and the weather is unpredictable. Fourcade is clear, we do not have to talk about it, but there’s still a minute extra, which is a big deal when you do not have an item. That’s why there are many people who do not count in the individual, even some average runner who will show four fantastic items. So the favorites are definitely the main favorite of Fourcade, then Šipulin, Schempp, Pfeiffer…and from the Czechs he performs great performances Ondra here. “