Football we enjoy more than ever. But now Znojmo waits for a long pause

New coach, new artificial lighting, new jerseys, new attractive home-time duels.

The Znojmo footballers themselves are changing the game. Thanks to their performance, the stadium had a new stand with a crowd. The South Moravians, however, will experience the biggest leap when looking at the second league table. “When you look at teletext, it always warms up at heart.

He looks at it beautifully, “the midfielder Rostislav Šamánek, who leads the second league with Znojmo, is falling.

On Friday, the winner of the match won the win against Třinec.The home team showed a giant turn from 1: 2 to Energybet sporting bet 5: 2. “We showed moral strength and eventually we changed the game into a show,” says coach Energybet free online betting Radim Kučera, one of the main creators of the great Znojmo start to the season. “But the players who perform great performances are of prime importance,” the new coach refuses.

But he is the one who played the game style for Znojmo and the team that scored ten points in four draws. For example, Šamánek’s assault was redone for a midfielder. “I did not like it at first,” admits the 26-year-old borec. “I had problems in the defensive phase, but the coach has adapted the system to suit me.” Šamánek is together with Libor Žondra with three goals the best shot of the second league. “I’m as good as ever, but the overall table is more important,” says a small ass.

The Jihomoravans have long been able to enjoy the leadership of the National Football League.The two highest domestic competitions are now waiting for a two-week break.

And Znojmo, who caught a great form, due to the odd number of participants in the competition, involuntarily waits for one more weekend break. “It’s a great shame. We all enjoy football more than ever, “says Šamánek. “On the other hand, it is better to be first.At least we will be happy to wait, “adds the support of the team.

Search for the positive, this is the last time the motto Znojmo is guided in the forced rest. “We will train well, we will be doing a lot better than if we had two points,” insists Kučera, who has to solve the problem with his coaching mentor, Petr Uličný, which is troubling the second-league leader – how to consolidate the field performance? “We will play one half on average, the second over average,” says the coach. “I have to appeal to the players, it’s in their heads. But we can keep the duels to a successful end so far. “

Znojmo fills the season without a second-round maze on September 4 with the Zbrojovka.Tomorrow, the blueberries will be played from 17.00 am Cup Duel in Division Tasovice. “Let’s get the strongest of what we have,” says Kučera.

Why are you saving too? He is still waiting for a second-person cat on September 10th at home against the Hradec Králové exluser.

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