Boleslav – Sparta 2: 4, the home team doubled, the guests decided at the end

“I really appreciate victory, there is not much to win here. Boleslav was perfectly prepared for our system. We’ve made small changes to the front layout, but if we did not make a system change at the back, then we could hardly manage the game. From this point of view, it was a key thing, “said the Simple Transition from three defenders to four.

The Spartans again showed their defenses and a very good attack. They led from the first action, from the first shot, when Vacha hit the ground. But then they could not face the opponent’s offensive, but the Boleslavs managed to score the fourth chance. The skalák ran first from the first to the back stick.

The home was shortly after the half to even lead, the guests held Bičík and counterattacked the goal of Lafata. Domestically, however, they settled, they were active, but in 79.”

” We have lost our game by ourselves, with the first three goals we have made unnecessary. mistakes. On the contrary, we were unable to turn the chances we had. Something caught Bičík, something we had to finish better, “said Karel Jarolím, Boleslav coach.

The Spartans have won, but they have to scare the confrontations in defense, especially when Costa stops on the stopper position.

Chances were greatly hit by goalkeeper Bičík, while the home disappointed in the end. As much space as the Spartan defensiveness allowed them on a small lime, they may not even have to be in training.

“The match must have liked being upside down.A lot of chances on both sides, we have a lot of chances to survive thanks to the excellent Bičík, “said Ščasný. But even the defensive Boleslav was not solid. In the first goal, it did not catch the ground center of Krejci, while the other did not watch the start of Hybe and the scoring Lafata. On the third, Zahustel did not catch Costa. The fourth was a pitch, Lafat’s shot from 20 meters shooter Šisler was out of reach of Šedý.

In the 2: 2 position they could go into the home lead, Kúdel came through Marek’s corner from the corner and scoring. But just before the jail beat the assault foul, Mager was unable to play the ball to Costy, and he was eliminated from the game.

“That was another important moment. What I’ve got is information, so Kúdela was not in contact with anyone.But there are contraries to whom the foul whistled, “Jarolím commented.