A cursed finger. Jihlava’s soccer players lost their goal

“It was a balloon, an unfortunate procedure. That will happen. But there is nothing to do, “Hanuš shrugs, not knowing yet how long the wounds are eliminated from the game. “I have a thermos on my hand, which is shaped exactly according to my finger. He’s groomed, by the end of the week I’ll be quiet. And we’ll see how it will be next week. “

Next Saturday, Jihlava in the Synot League is waiting for an important match. Currently, the fourteenth whole table will be presented on the course of the 15th Olomouc, so the game will be de facto six points. “I’m sure to say Honza’s start is in great danger. It is more likely that it will not be available, “says Klusáček.

For Hanus, such an injury is not unknown. “I had something like that before the start of the spring season. And I know it still hurts.It will be up to me how to get it and how it will go, “says Jaromír Blažek, goalman Jaromir Blazek.

By the start of the Bohemians 1905, he overcame the historical milestone: at the age of 42 he became the oldest player ever to compete in the Czechoslovak or Czech competition.

Career.Who will be behind Hanuš now?

“Within two, three days it will show how fast it is healing and how long Honza will be out of”, “does not predict the development of the Klusáček. “In any case, even if the injury is more serious, we have prepared the variants so that we can solve the situation from our own resources.”

Hanuš is waiting for Matej Rakovan, who has only taken part in the MOL Cup in Vysočina Old Empire (3: 2), there are also two young men, Jan Kotnour and Luděk Vejmola. “Matej came in the summer, when Honza Hanuše was healthy again and Vejmola and Kotnore had problems,” Klusáček reminds.

But the two young goalkeepers are all right now. That is why Vysočina before the end of the transition period, which this year falls on 22.September, will solve which of the goalies he will leave.

“It’s a question of what strategy we choose. It is probably the luxury to have all four of them here, “says Klusáček, who suggests that one of Kotnour-Vejmol’s pair could leave for a visit. “We should definitely want somebody to leave and catch up regularly,” says Klusacek. “It would be a shame if the guys just sat on the bench or went to play for a junior. That would be inappropriate, “he added.