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The case of Konatho: These “fans” robbed Sparta, especially

He made a huge mistake in the summer he spent the fall. Spartih football player Tiémoko Konato knows very well that he can not afford a similar passage in the form of a transfer talk. He seems to have been

Koukal is sitting in the world championship, perhaps it will last, coach Vitek believes

DIRECT FROM AUSTRALIA The nomination for the Wednesday endurance race was clear. “Luce has been doing relatively well in the shooting, running here as well as Verča, Evik and Gabi has nothing to do,” said coach Zdeněk Vítek. And while

Gabi did not care about us, says Dostal, also the world champion of Hochfilzen

It’s a return to crime scene. Where he took the second individual gold from the World Championship in history twelve years ago. “No nostalgia has overtaken me; I just took a picture with Greiss after twelve years,” laughed Roman Dostal.

Naples feels injustice due to penalties. The bullshit was defeated by Juventus defender

A big misery was felt after the Italian semi-final semi-finals with Juventus footballers from Naples. The Turin team, in their Tuesday match in Turin, has helped turn 3: 1 with three controversial penalty decisions. Two penalties kicked off by Paolo

Косой после скальпа Пльзене: на пути в Европу, и мы будем бороться за титул

эйфория и слова о названии? Пока еще нет. тренер Slavia Ярослав Силхейви остался даже после победы 1: 0 над Плзнем скромным властным, как и в его привычке. Тем не менее он не скрывал очень счастлив.Не только результат, но и способ

Zlin football players will score third place at a distance. Perhaps it will be the first league

The procedure at the expense of Varnsdorf, which does not have and will not have a suitable stand for the first league in a year? This topic is currently taboo in the Fastav Zlín football. “We’re not on the move.In