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Coach Kamil Grosicki in very sharp words criticized the idea of Marco van Basten

Ideas Marco van Bastena, head of the FIFA Commission returning the development of football, on exchange rule met with accordingly cool reception. In very good words commented on their Christian Gourcuff, the coach of Rennes, where the game Kamil Grosicki.
Famous Dutch soccer player would like to get rid of burned, to enter shots criminal 25 subway (the football player to repay activity mileage – eight seconds) replacement cards punishments belts or introduction to the effective time of games past 10 minutes of the match (details here).

Most supply mixed feelings, but much controversy is the idea to eliminate burned. Is a manifestation of intelligence, says Gourcuff. The spirit of teamwork zniknąłby if they got rid of the burnt. If the this you see, then doesn’t understand football. It most about which I have heard. Back times if one village won different village and the lady died.

Luke Teodorczyk is a one of the revelations of autumn

Luke Teodorczyk is a the same of the revelations of autumn in the the most European leagues. The representative of Poland, borrowed from Kiev to Anderlechtu, feathers in Belgium goal for the Golem. It price look Director of Violet rose repeatedly.
In 30 games of the autumn round Teodorczyk to global matches organized for Anderlechtu to 24 goals. Nothing unusual that the Belgians said that zaczerpną proposals . and summer pozyskają Pole for 4.5 million euros.

The high location of the attacker drew, of course, attention many moves from the English Premier League, and German. Anderlechtu Director Herman van Holsbeeck admits that in the summer Teodorczyk that to be with now given more club.

– That one team will be ready put too his € 30 million, of course it sit in the talks, – quotes the activist website

If the price for Teodorczyka is precisely to vary within the ridge 30 million, is certainly it to survive expensive Polish football player. If you was planned this there is Arkadiusz Milik, what Ajaksu Napoli was uploaded for 32 million euros.

Where going through in the frame of Bayern player what can change Robert Lewandowski.

Don’t believes in the frame of Bayern player what can change Robert Lewandowski. Will be to function in the spring without a break. Question when it is to remove physically and mentally – surprisingly was people “Bavaria” Thomas Strunz. On Friday at 20.30 game S. C. Freiburg – Bayern opens up feature game rewanżowa Bundesliga
“What if Robert Lewandowski disappear thinner ? Where recognizes how it to replace one once. Not will lead to this Thomas müller, last has a his popular book. Lewandowski will need to play on any matches because Bayern don’t represents in the Bundesliga with a comfortable advantage. In four months, Lewandowski can to play 25 tournaments in the League, the League Performers and a Bronze Germany. The question, and rise to stop the freshness physical and mental”, writes Thomas Strunz, midfielder of “Bavaria” in 1995-2001, European champion 1996, comments for “stern”.

Three points benefits, seven competitions may

Bavaria bada Friday round rewanżową, remembering only three points the benefits over RB Leipzig and also front of him seven games nearly a month, until February 18: five football his in the German Cup and previous match of 1/8 final of the League Masters with Arsenal. Injuries and finish the players the fact was significant issue round rewanżowych in Bayernie when a coach this Association was PEP Guardiola. The Spaniard about date repeatedly differed with German journalists: when wrote, did that his effort subjected to the players on the wounds. Robert Lewandowski has admitted recently drinkom of the interview no news peak points of the European cups he was problem. And Carlo Ancelotti has been employed as, this task in order to that subject to solve.

Alternate Lewandowski, the only weak point of Bayern

Bayern will start this year a part of the League, not the injured Jerome Boateng, but according to Thomas Strunza today Bavaria today in defense beautiful protected from the end of the injury of one of the players than the previous year, when need when failed to download Serdara Tasciego. “Javier Martinez, David Alaba, Joshua Kimmich gives able maneuver. Bavaria made too part, giving yourself najpodobniejsze summer transfer Niklasa Süle (Hoffenheim defender – ed)”, – says Strunz. Praised also the Bavaria sea other player Hoffenheim, Sebastian Rudy, the football player so comprehensive which not fail to remove from collaboration on good the defense. Ore as well as survive to Bayern in the summer, without compensation. Problem is an attack. The only weak point of Bayern, says Strunz, continually amount of event to change Lewandowski?

Discours CSKA moscou en Ligue des champions

L’intervention de CSKA moscou en Ligue des champions est une responsabilité de Leonid Slutsky. Ainsi, les méthodes qu’il utilise pour relever ces défis – seulement son affaire. Très étrange de parler «nous n’aimons pas la façon dont il joue». Et lui, peut, ne l’aiment pas, que nous écrivons. Et?

Leonid Slutski voit seulement un ensemble de techniques qui tire le CSKA en coupe d’europe. Ce n’est pas bon et n’est pas un mauvais jeu, c’est un tel ensemble. Mettre en place avec «» des clubs de football – voici, peut-être, encore une chose qui n’est pas donné au spectateur. Nous ne pouvons pas comprendre que le football est parfois divisée en «bons» et «mauvais». En termes de style de jeu – pas trop exactement. Il ya des styles.

Chaque fois une variété de styles et de leurs évaluation devient quelque chose de sauvage et de l’hypocrisie. Non, absolument pas exprès et n’est pas mesquin, mais au hasard, noués avec l’hypocrisie. L’exemple le plus frappant est de Fabio Capello à la barre de l’équipe de Russie. La personne qui observe certaines attitudes et les promesses sur le champ de presque de la même manière. «Est enfin arrivé à son entraîneur, qui donne un résultat», – nous criaient après la victoire sur le Portugal. «9 millions d’euros, oui vous êtes fou», – crier, nous sommes seulement un an plus tard. Nous nous rappelions de son vieil homme jouant au triste football et équipe nationale à la coupe du monde. Personne ne se souviendra que ce triste vieil homme a joué avec l’équipe nationale d’Israël dans le tournoi de qualification avec un score global 7:0 (à la parole, l’équipe, qui n’a pu vaincre Guus Hiddink). Simplement nous ne sommes pas sortis du groupe. Eh bien, il en est ainsi. Ne sont pas sortis du tournoi, qui n’ont pas participé à 12 ans. Il suffit de la prochaine sélection est allé un peu que la précédente. Tout d’un coup la slection a cessé de gagner. Différent d’un compte sur le tableau de bord – c’est la chose qui fait de «l’homme, qui donne un résultat» «ennuyeux ». L’hypocrisie dans le fait que nous commençons à crier sur le jeu que lorsque aucun résultat. Nous ne sommes pas spécialement, c’est le faisons. Certes, nous avons besoin de quelque chose à s’accrocher. Parce que, parfois, les autres arguments non.

Manque d’arguments qui expliquent pourquoi Leonid Slutski un mauvais entraîneur. Tout simplement parce qu’il est un bon entraîneur. Il suffit de son football est doté de plusieurs italiens de la propriété: quand il n’est pas acceptable compte sur le tableau de bord, nous ne pouvons pas dire que c’était une «chose». Slutsky – ne . Comme Capello, comme Ranieri, comme Simeone, comme Mourinho. C’est les gens qui ont obtenu de grands succès dans le football. C’est des gens dont on ne peut jamais dire «le résultat n’est pas, mais». Ils étaient tous ensemble. Ou il y a tout, ou il n’y a rien. Certes, le manque de ces gens est qu’ils ont plus de succès esthètes-perdants?

Leonid Slutski, une fois sorti en quarts de finale de la Ligue des champions. Avec son football. Avec le «pas» du football. Voici donc arrivé que la personne de russie, les entraîneurs n’est plus atteint à ce stade avec le club russe. Nous de l’oublier. Ah, 0:1 de Tottenham, ainsi que le même jeu! Le jeu a été le même.

Le jeu a été de même lorsque le CSKA a gagné à chaque fois de la premier league et esthétique «Spartacus» baver et il cherchait à l’esprit, , et croyait HDT Carioca. Le jeu a été la même, quand José Mourinho a quelques années un retour en Angleterre, et a montré , comme il se doit de gagner la premier league. Non, personne ne crie pas sur le jeu et n’est pas écrit «à la maison – pas de lien», quand une équipe gagne. Mourinho a tiré quelques mois. Tout simplement parce que ce n’était pas le résultat. C’est le revers de personnes prenant la responsabilité et la pression de la réussite: tous tes échecs deviennent fortement visibles et causent la douleur. Plus , d’autant plus difficile l’automne. n’a jamais la responsabilité de ne pas progressent. Parce et éternelles.

Le football est beaucoup plus difficile que nous le pensons. Un espace et des émotions mais dans les tribunes, lors des conférences de presse, dans le journalisme, dans la barre veillées autour d’une bière. Dans la profession, c’est dur cynique calcul. J’ai, par exemple, j’aime la Jürgen . Et je suis heureux qu’il était l’entraîneur de Liverpool. Mais même à l’extérieur de la beauté de son jeu est visible le calcul. Il n’est pas banal peut mettre à la défense – là manpower trou: exactement le même, quelle est Slutsky dans l’attaque. Chaque entraîneur vient de mes forces. Oui, chaque entraîneur encore et se trompe. Pas sans cela.

Nous parlons des points forts et des trous noirs, mais je sais que tout fan de rouges n’aurait pas été moins heureux, si «Liverpool», pas de «Lester» l’année dernière, est devenu champion. Personne n’aurait attiré l’attention sur la défensive redoutes exclusive de miser sur l’attaque et qu’à la maison – . Lien où veux – crieraient nous maître «Liverpool», quand il buvait serait de champagne de championnat de la coupe. Personne ne pensait serait une chance sur huit vous avez de Simon Mignolet, le pourcentage de gagnées de combat et de quelqu’un d’autre salaire. Tout simplement parce que tout cela, en fait, peu importe. Tout cela – les détails d’un mauvais film. Dans un bon film – d’autres valeurs.

Le CSKA à l’échelle du football russe – un bon film, qui n’est pas dit. Très facile de dire «laissez-nous corrigerons cela, c’est et ce sera encore mieux». Peut, et. Il nous semble que tous nos conseils ne fera que de ce que sera le mieux. Mais il y a des chances que ce sera bien pire. Et qui en sera responsable? Pas exactement nous. Nous ne sommes qu’au public. . En plus de nous il ya d’autres personnes. Ne peut pas l’oublier.

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Deportivo La Coruña – Villarreal CF

New Year does not come yet neither of Tamu that Saturday evening the clash. At El Riazor stadium, the home of Deportivo attempt to finally break the bad luck that has in recent weeks. His rival will be favored Villarreal, who also took not many forms and its location is deteriorating.

Waiting for Godot. Even so, it could mark the tournament, which awaits the viewers and fans of Spanish football in general at El Riazor stadium. Deportivo and Villarreal waiting still on good form for some indication that things will improve. Villarreal maybe even more, because he was cup walls and especially the Champions League really recede. On the other hand, home again worried about the Premier League, so they have reasons to win both teams abound.

Villarreal are still holding on to the rails, which means European Cups. Yellow Submarine ranked fifth, but without form and quality shooters with its quest for Champions League may prove futile. Over the last five competitive duels Yellow Submarine won only a single race. Already does not figure even in the Copa del Rey, where her win and a draw vyprodvodil Real Sociedad of San Sebastian.

In the last round it yet in bringing Villarreal could be a blockbuster. In the first half Villarreal played a balanced game with very Barcelona and four minutes after changing sides even makes homemade Nicola Sansone! Barcelona then added and finally her efforts paid off. In the 90th minute, when he slackened enough and Villarreal, compared to the final 1: 1 Argentina’s Lionel Messi savior.

One of the players who are not very successful at Villarreal, is undoubtedly Alexandre Pato. Experienced shooter he has made just two league goals, which coach Fran Escribe enthusiasm does not meet. “Pato is a very good player with a lot of experience. We hope that can help us, otherwise we would not buy it either. But lately a large power forms. They must work to stabilize its forms and to preserve the best possible level.”

Home defender Juanfran stands for cards, are injured Carles Gil and Bruno Gama. Villarreal is much worse, because his jersey wearing will not be able to have Mateo Musacchio Roberto Soldado or for reasons of injury, while no part nor sinners Nicola Sansone card or Jaume Costa. Both have won the last tournament guests on Galician soil from winning clubs rejoiced in the 95th minute Bruno Soriano.

Neither Deportivo was not doing very well lately and the new year rather suffers. Playroom and the income statement, which is reflected in the current 15th position. In the last three competitions duels have always shared the points and in the last two contests nevstřelilo Deportivo never more than one goal. In addition to her this season rather successful against teams from the lower levels of the table, or directly against lower ranking.

Atlético Madrid – Real Betis

SportingbetReal Betis está em muito boas condições e perspectivas para os próximos três pontos para se afastar. Outro candidato porque ele será o Atlético de Madrid, que tem a vantagem de jogar em casa e menos doente.

Atlético de Madrid é um dos principais candidatos a cada ano na batalha pelo título novamente este ano e não pretende desistir. O problema é que muito êxito. Especialmente para a ofensiva um pouco de tatear e seu ícone Antoine Griezmann não brilha como pode parecer. Especialmente seu longo jejum Goal Atletico não ajuda, e mesmo se o conjunto de Madrid qualificou-se para a próxima fase da Liga dos Campeões em LaLize um pouco guinchos.

Atlético ainda está em curso em quarto lugar eo fato é que, se ele também iria terminar a temporada terminou, então seria esperado para lutar pela qualificação propriamente dita em uma competição milionário. Na sua concorrente e da cidade rival Real Madrid como ele perde nove pontos. E enquanto ballet branco jogou um jogo, por isso sua liderança poderia expandir ainda mais.

Atlético depois de quatro vitórias última vez que ele se abaixou em frente a Las Palmas, embora ele não mente muito e progrediu na Copa del Rey diante. No entanto, tal perda dói porque Las Palmas definitivamente não é um rival tradicional grande clube de Madrid. Mesmo neste jogo temos finalmente empurrou o atirador francês Antonie Griezmann, que abriu o placar da partida. Era apenas mais uma prova de palavras treinador Diego Simeoneho para abordar jovens jogadores.

técnico argentino, inter alia, disse:.. “Toda a equipe é claro depende muito da capacidade de Antoine Quando você tem uma equipe e um excelente jogador que pode decidir praticamente qualquer coisa, é natural Mas talvez às vezes parece contar com ele muito, que nós dependem dele. naquele momento, é importante Bet365 promoções apostas grátis que toda a gente assumir a responsabilidade por si mesmo e saiu da multidão. há um monte de jogar duro, porque é uma equipa ambiciosa “.

Atlético tem apenas dois jogadores que estão há muito tempo fora do jogo. É o guarda-redes Jan Oblak eo meia Augusto Fernandez. Os anfitriões acampamento, a situação é muito mais grave e treinador Victor Sanchez del Amo tem algumas rugas da seleção. O jogo não pode contar com jogadores como Bruno, Petros, Felipe Gutierrez, Antonio Sanabria e, provavelmente, mesmo com Mandie.

Betis foi sucumbem bastante sucesso a entrar em pânico e acumular pontos regularmente. Pelo menos quando joga em casa. No estádio Benita Villamarina são verdadeiramente forte concorrente, como evidenciado, por exemplo, combina com Bilbao, Deportivo La Coruna, Las Palmas e Leganés última vez. A situação é pior em jogos ao ar livre. E isso é o que ele queria Artilheiro Ruben Castro mudou tão rapidamente quanto possível.

Em uma entrevista à imprensa, ele disse: “Obviamente, estou muito satisfeito por termos conseguido vencer em nosso solo, onde muitos fãs e que eles têm mais experiência Desde que devem cada equipe empurrar a si mesmo Mas não podemos confiar em forma em casa.. se queremos ir a algum lugar. temos de ajustar o plano, mudou de atitude, e ganhou bem em duelos ao ar livre “, diz 35-year veterano.

Tým z a

Mnozí věří, že sibship automaticky vést děti k přátelství a pochopení, i když to úplně tak není. Docela často, vyrůst, bratři a sestry se hádat, nebo ponechat komunikaci pouze ve formální podobě, a někdy dokonce jsou rozporuplné nepřáteli, prodloužením dětské rozmrzelosti v dospělosti. Bez měkké podporu a řádné výchovy nelze doufat v zázrak bratrské nebo ošetřovatelské lásky.

Jak pomoci svým dětem stát se přáteli, a ne odvrátit od sebe v dospělosti? Za prvé, je třeba přijmout to, že jak bychom chtěli, sestry a bratři – soupeři za lásku rodičů, za pochvalu a dárky, za jejich pozornost a péči. Je to nevyhnutelné, protože s narozením každého dítěte, část lásky rodičů se přenáší i na něj, a starší děti budou cítit ztrátu. Studie psychologů potvrzují. Proto se ve výchově více dětí, je třeba celou dobu pamatovat.

V žádném případě nelze vést jako argument pro dítě specificky, nejen jako nějakou frázi “vy nativní”. Můžete kolik chcete, říkat dítě o významu krve a příbuznosti, ale komunikace vždy vychází z náklonnosti, společné zájmy, a sibship jen drží pohromadě tuto každodennost. To je důvod, proč nelze konstatovat neustále skutečnost příbuznosti, aby táhnout za jeden provaz děti, to vypadá, jak se snaží dosáhnout od nich poslušnost a někdy i posunout na vyšší řadu povinností. Děti nemohou pochopit význam tohoto spojení z důvodu věku a může nastat efekt odmítnutí.

Při výchově není možné objednat zájmy jedno dítě v oběť pro druhé. Velmi často nejstarší dítě promění v a chůvu, když mladší děti, že jen málo přispívá k přátelství a lásce. To bylo oprávněné v době, kdy v rodině bylo hodně dětí a rodiče byli nuceni pracovat po celý den. Teď, když tam jsou školky, hlídání dětí, různé hrnky a dětské skupiny – zbytečně. Ať už by byl rozdíl ve věku, každé dítě potřebuje svůj vlastní prostor, čas, své hračky a oblečení, takže když staršímu dítěti předávají mladší, aby trávil veškerý svůj čas s ním, je to snadný způsob, jak přimět starší nenávidět mladší. Možný je i další možnost, když je starší, se snaží nějak kompenzovat to, co se děje, začíná několik , a rodiče kritizován, že v tomto, aniž by ukazovat . Nemusíte to dělat, protože dítě může být, je třeba vrátit se na ten věk a prožít něco znovu a znovu, aby se stal intimní s mladším a najít nějaký bod kontaktu.

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Jeśli wracać do nieudanym walk

Jeśli wracać do nieudanym walk, to główna kwestia w tym, co poszło nie tak?

Allegri ponownie znajduje się pod ostrzałem krytyki za swój wybór podstawowego składu. W środę go skrytykował za brak , w niedzielę – . I to na tle tego, co sam Max nazywał spotkanie z Interem” gry drużyn ubiegających się o tytuł. Logiczne czy zostawić w zapasie najlepszy zawodnik w historii klubu w najważniejszej grze początku sezonu?

Ale tu pojawia się inny problem, gdy masz w magazynku pełno fajnych piłkarzy: jak zadowolić wszystkich? Być może trener po prostu nie chce drastycznie zmniejszyć czas gry Mario , obawiając się jego reakcji na kształt tego, który był w “Bawarii”, gdy bawarczycy zakupione Robert Lewandowski. Niby logiczne, ale nie , ani horvath dopóki nie zdobyli w tym sezonie. Eksperyment z w roli Andrea Pirlo na razie nie spada, to na pewno nie daje zrozumiałych wyników. Być może, z powrotem Marchisio przesunie się bliżej obcym bramy, skąd będzie działać gdzie bardziej niebezpieczne.

Wcześniej klub zawsze słynął praktycznie nieprzejezdne obroną, ale teraz już w trzech z pięciu ostatnich gier “Juventus” brakowało, a z rzutów rożnych poddały już trzy razy więcej niż za cały ubiegły rok. Niestety, Giorgio Chiellini na razie działa pośrednio.

Jednak wielkim rozczarowaniem ostatniego meczu powinno stać się to, jak drużyna wzięła się po gol. Bramkę Juventusu nie wyłaniał się z logiki meczu, ale wcześniej klub dobrze radził sobie z zadaniem “zamknąć” trudny mecz, kiedy udawało mu się wyjść do przodu. Tym razem “Inter” tylko przez dwie minuty, co może mówić nie tylko o zbiegu okoliczności, ale i zdobycie nowej “signore” utratę koncentracji w kluczowym momencie spotkania.

Być może po prostu sami zaczęli uważać, że “Juventus” teraz po prostu musi znieść wszystkich z rzędu z różnicą w trzy-cztery gole, ale, jeśli mogę zapytać, dlaczego? Tak, klub pokazuje, że ma duże pieniądze i on już jest w pokoju ze śmietaną piłkarskiego świata, gdzie serwowane jest kawior z szampanem, ale, jak w czasach pobytu w “Mediolan” powiedział Allegri, czasem trzeba zadowolić się kanapką z szynką.

Teraz “Juventus” znajduje się pod taką presją, pod jaką nie był przez długi czas. A teraz spójrzmy na wyniki pod innym kątem. Trzy zwycięstwa z czterech na starcie – wszystkie z drużynami z top-7 – nie jest tak źle, prawda? Remis z zauważalną przewagą na momenty przeciwko obowiązującego trzykrotnego zwycięzcy Ligi Europy – to normalne, prawda?

Pracy będzie dużo, ale przeszacowywaliśmy czy większość ekspertów zespołu? Na początku sezonu, chyba tak. Ale po tym, jak wszyscy rzucili się wpuszczać w “Juventus” krytyczne strzały, można śmiało powiedzieć, że teraz jest ich zbyt nie doceniają tego, aby uznać za polecenie .

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trendy member of staff what in 2009 attained a bronze world championship medal.

a higher member of staff what in 2009 received a bronze world championship medal. With the past climate had of her to fall and introduced even Central League. Right before continuing mundialem struggled with injury. Near to Adam Malcher failed trusted as well as remained character in match with Norway (20:22).

Transfer how the TRANS. Defended criminal coming soon in perfect second then in a similar method stopped rivals as well as two times. If the just Russia effect was somewhat more effective was the hero of nightmares by the representatives of Norway – to protect with an efficiency of 44%.! His tour personnel time and simultaneously uneven.

It najogromniejszym result promotion dark medal of the world championship-2009. Presented the for any 10 meetings, but lived on the field a total of an hour and a half. The reason is named is John Money. When regarding most comfortable services no a new goalie in Poland he could not match fight to work so seriously, byto measurement or two.
Went of the leaders

23-year-old then Malcher this war lost and now after fell from the staff. Zmiennikiem “Minister of Defense” is often was Piotr Wyszomirski, what drink also, Marcin Wichary. Among the of this for Malcherowi remained degree in football of the club. In for the League debuted at present, at the age of 16 years. After eight years in the Guard Opole survived Digging in Grozny, where earned four championship medals Local and presented to in the Champions League.

Ultimately, however, came back into Guard. Were it even drop to 1. League. Intro former club had been serious problems financial its apartment has become compromised. In spite of it Malcher decided to to remain in Opole, where earns condition local legend. Summer kept a lot case among the other Guild. As the only confirmed in discussion with the “Studio” Sport”, were soon almost gathered “but this the time appeared the prospect to the normal in Opole and steel since I thus, the”.

His nickname is “Yogi”. since the relatively slow, your looks the same situation – at 198 cm in height is 114 kg. Only not restricts he thus, or a little in gate, the gate is a dilemma with shielded opponents.
Assumed in return

Not hate weapons. Always have shadow of chance. Each athlete, there’s that are tendencies is to do in frame of the country. If the I’d acknowledgement to the eyes of the coach, of course, I’m on any call – introduced a few months volume of return to the national team. Condition to it, smiled. After the Olympics career finished presentable Ivan the Bucks, and Piotr Wyszomirski – which excellent bind in Brazil – he was injured. Opened up the door staff and sweatshirt no. 1. With Norway not went down with pad even in the minute even if you need seconds connection to itself after defending the opponent’s blow your face.

Despite the fact, high view left poor and thanked for service staff spent. All athletes were rozpisani coaches. Placed where wanted and so managed to defend a few stages in this shape explained his campaign.
Trauma before the championship

And think also two weeks current were absolute or kit will go to France. He struggled with a hand injury, was rice bone of the thumb. prosperity wounds proved sharp and current Malcher got most of the praise for the degree tournament nice in Irun. The coach trusted me, a lot of fought and I tournament as number one. I heard “Adam waiting you + the fact important to the goalkeeper was guarantee, which hopes debt expectations and at previous bad war not sits jury. match and wszelcy was an opportunity to play voiced in conference with “New Base Opolską”.

– Super played Adam Malcher. In gate staged a great stuff. Required that’s why to use to said on contest with Norway Michael Visor, the second character of the Poles (efficiency 7/7). Colleagues want when already to repay the debt themselves Malcherowi and to lose his sweat times second.

Their previous match was be the same amount on Friday.

Small cells with “two” Agnieszka Radwanska it is British tenisistką Johanną Kontą (6.) 4:6, 2:6 in the outcome of the WTA Premier event in Sydney. Polka after 28. she left to main meeting, and for the eighth time noted it loss.

The third in the world ranking 27-year-old Radwanska three times faced 10. the contemporary removing Kontą. In both previous phases what were space in last season was more durable.

Their was match were be one price on Friday. In October, outgoing from Krakow athlete won of course goal in Beijing in two sets, went for 20. – this as while – degree function. Under with her two years, the British for the third time won main of the match. Won once – last year in the U.S. Stanford.

On Friday, the Briton won at the time one more. Not life Radwańskiej no chance. Polka on the court was can not afford and weak. In new set of even asked about the grant a simple coach Tomas Wiktorowskiego, but and Yes did not give advice rywalce. In full match only from her won – in point because was currently ogromniejszych prospects of winning.

Tournament in Sydney played existed in the courts, and the prize Fund amounted to 776 thousand UAH. dollars.

Radwanska 1. round SN Monday wielkoszlemowego tournament Australian Open will play against Bulgarian tenisistką Cwetaną Pironkową.